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What We Do

Victor Finkelstein

Victor Finkelstein

“Changing the world is a heavy agenda … changing the world is the sum total of all endeavours to promote, support and participate in making social change.  At the heart of this activity beats the collective will of the disabled grass roots, and the sum total of this will is a whole new culture.” Victor Finkelstein, B.A. (Hons), M.A., P.G.C.E., A.B.Ps.S.

The mission of Access Unlimited is to provide the following services …

  • Access audits tailored to suit your business
  • Professional plan checking for Part M of Building Regulations
  • Professional help on the Equality Act 2010
  • Underwriting the Disability Equality Duty
  • Writing of Disability Equality Schemes
  • Professional guidance on understanding Inclusive Design
  • Building and writing of Access Component in Design and Access Statements
  • Writing and building Means of Escape, Personal Evacuation and Egress Policies
  • Full and part Disability Equality Training for all staff
  • Customer care understanding of Disability Equality issues, implementation of training of awareness and adoption of reception and point of contact protocol
  • Guidance on Landlords and Tenants Duties and Occupiers Liability
  • Guidance on change management theory to enhance your business
  • Mentoring and training in Inclusive Design
  • Expert Witness assessment